Waterfront Wines


 Red Wine

Montanés – MALBEC from Argentina  14% alc

A nose of spicy mocha underlines the open fruitiness of the Malbec grape. It is rich and vibrant with dark red fruits that burst onto the palate.  

Tall Horse – SHIRAZ from South Africa  13.5% alc

An exciting expedition of berry flavours and aromas layered with intriguing oak spice and soft tame tannins that bow out into a soft fruity finish.

Tall Horse – Merlot from South Africa  13.5% alc

A deliciously sleek and medium bodied Merlot with a streak of juicy cherry and plum fruit a dash of well integrated oak.

Tall Horse – Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa  13.5% alc

A delightful journey of lofty blackberry fruit fragrances and flavours, spicy oak top notes and supple tannins that linger with graceful intensity. 

Tall Horse – Pinotage from South Africa

Soft, sweet tannins with ripe fruit flavours. The wood is well integrated and gives coffee and chocolate flavours on the nose and palate.

Rose Wine

Tall Horse – Pinotage Rose – from South Africa  12.5%

An attractive deep pink shimmering wine with rampant ripe red berry aromas and playful hints of spice on to a soft and juicy fruit palate and a lively fresh finish.

Sparkling Wine 

Mionetto Prosecco – From Italy  11% alc  

An extra dry Prosecco is fresh and invigorating with a pleasant liveliness from the persistent bubbles – an ideal everyday luxury to drink on its own or with a light meal.

White Wine

Tall Horse – Sauvignon Blanc – from South Africa  12.5% alc

A brisk white wine with a dash of herbaceous grassland and aromas and flavours that race across the palate, stretching into a lively fresh finish. 

Tall Horse Chardonnay – from South Africa  13.5% alc

A charming white wine with a safari of juicy tropical and citrus fruit fragrances and flavours gracefully lingering with an elevated freshness. 

Willowood – Pinot Grigio – from California  12% alc

This wine is made with premium grapes. It’s a fantastically ripe, dry white wine crammed with citrus flavours and aromas.